Relax Sounds: How to restore lost sounds in version 1.3.3

Recently a bug was found in version 1.3.2 of Relax Sounds. An update was recently released, version 1.3.3 and if you are still experiencing issues with lost sounds the video below will show you how to get your sounds back.

Steps to follow to restore your sounds

  1. Uninstall the Relax Sounds app from your iPhone home screen
  2. Reinstall Relax Sounds: White Noise App from the iTunes App Store
  3. Open app from the iTunes App Store download page
  4. Swipe through the tour screens and make sure to tap Cancel when prompted to enter your iTunes ID
  5. From the Home screen of the app, scroll down to the bottom and tap "More Sounds"
  6. Tap on the appropriate buy button of the sound pack you have already purchased in the app. The video shows tapping on the "Buy All"
  7. When prompted, enter your Apple ID
  8. Go to your home screen to ensure all of the sounds have been added to your list

If you follow the steps above you should be able to get your sounds again in the app. Please let us know if you have any further issues. Email:

Thanks again for using Relax Sounds!

Jeremy Santy